Nestor's olive gardens provide you with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil
in the world

Nestor olive oil is produced on the lands of the ancient kingdom of Nestor; the site has been chosen since ancient times for the production of olive oil.

Rich soil, natural drainage, calm winters, sunshine, enough airing in a pollution free environment located right at the sea, 
Nestor's olive gardens provide you with
the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world

The Region of Navarino in Peleponnessos Greece

The beautifull region of Peleponnessos Messinia

Nestor's olive gardens are situated in the southwest of Greece, in the Peleponnessos, province Messinia. The region has a 5000 year rich history and mytholigy.  The region is famous for king Nestor as mentioned by Homerus in the Oddysee and for the famous 'Battle of Navarino' that was part of the liberation of Greece. 

Messinia is well-known for its olives and extra virgin olive oil. The latter has been a major agricultural product of the region, since the Mycenean era. This is confirmed by excavations conducted at the palace of Nestor, king of Pylos. Greeks were one of the first nations to cultivate olive trees in the Mediterranean basin.

Rich soil, natural drainage, calm winters, sunshine, enough airing in a pollution free environment. Everything is done as tradition requires and as today’s experts suggest.

The Navarino Bay area

The Navarino Bay area

Nestor's olive gardens are situated between Chora and Pylos, along the sea, the mythical land of King Nestor. We invite you to visit this area for your holidays and visit the gardens and many historical and mythological sites. 

The unique terroir, the microclimate and our farming practices which include dry cultivation and early harvesting (hand picked) are the factors which contribute to the superior quality of our olive oil.

The olive gardens of Navarino

Nestor's Olive Gardens

Unique soil profile leads to the production of ripe, full flavored, richly concentrated fruit and a distinctive Extra Virgin Olive Oil, delivered by passionate artisan local producers. Careful attention is paid to the olive trees health to give the olive fruit the best chance to optimize through the season and develop strong, clean flavors. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Koroneiki Variety, indigenous only to Greece. 

OnIy the best is picked from each year’s production of the land, processed under careful supervision, respecting the traditional ways and stored under optimal conditions, to preserve all precious nutrients, in an environment where everybody shares the idea that quality is the result of loving what you do.

The olive oil harvest in Navarino

The harvest of the olives

The harvest begins at fall when the olives are green, just before they turn purple. It is the time when all the aromas, the flavors and the nutrients are in their peak. The harvest is all done by hand. The trees are plucked or hit with a stick and the olives fall into nets that are layed out on the ground. At the end of the day the olives are transported by tractor to the olive mill where they are pressed. Harvest time is in November and December and the olives are pressed within 12 hours of harvesting to ensure very low acidity.

A main constituent of early harvest is oleuropein, a polyphenol, which is responsible for its bitter taste. As olives ripen, levels of oleuropein decrease, which is why ripe olives are less bitter.

The higher the concentration of oleuropaine in olive oil, the greater its pharmaceutical value.

Oleocanthal is a derivative of oleuropaine, which gives olive oil its characteristic pungent feeling at the back of the throat. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

The olive oil extraction process is performed at cold temperatures, with the max temperature being 27 C, to maintain its rich, fruity, intense aroma, maintaining their polyphenols and very low acidity and its distinctive green color. 

The olive mill in Navarino

The olive oil mill

At the olive mill, the olives will be washed and leaves and branches will be separated. At the oil processing factory (continious system), the olive oil is extracted by crushing the fruit at low temperatures (cold pressed) so as to avoid scorching the olive oil which would result in biochemical changes and loss of nutritional value.
Pressing takes place at 27 degrees Celsius so that the oil maintains its aroma and a large amount of polyphenols (natural antioxidants). 

The oil is extracted by modern high-speed centrifugal machines. The oil which comes from this method is called Extra-Virgin. It is the first pressing and we need roughly 5 kilos of olives to make one kilo of olive oil. This is the healthiest olive oil you can eat and it may be the healthiest thing you can eat on the planet.

Nestor's olive gardens provide you with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil
in the world. Every batch of olive oil brought to the co-op by the farmers is thoroughly
and strictly tested for authenticity, purity, acidity, etc.
We aim for a balanced extra virgin olive oil and pursue your culinary pleasure as well. 

The taste of the Navarino Olive Oil

The taste of Nestor's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nestor's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is powerful yet elegant and balanced. Our extra virgin olive oil combines the finest features of the Koroneiki variety. This olive oil is robust and spicy.
The aroma is mostly described as grass, artichoke and green tea with a hint of herbs, accompanied by some ripe fruit described as floral with a hint of buttery.

And it is through our devotion for what we are doing and our unique practices, that we can craft an olive oil that is a communion of still excellent characteristics and of pleasant fruity flavor. Order your sample of Nestor Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Koroneiki Variety indigenous only to Greece, has a magnificent aroma, a rich fluid texture and a peppery taste.

Olive oil harvest 2018 - 2019

We are now harvesting the olives 2018/2019.
You can order this fresh olive oil with your packaging and label and we send it to you.

Olive oil harvest

Nestor's Cooperation goals and philosophy are:

• The promotion of organic farming on the Navarino soil
• The processing and development of local produce
• The marketing of high quality products (of limited production) of the Navarino area to consumers in Greece and overseas.
• The promotion of environmental awareness and active participation in the protection of the Navarino bay and lagoon area.

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The first thing that you need to make sure is that you're always buying "extra virgin". Avoid lower quality products such as "pure", "lite", "pomace" and "virgin" olive oil. Look for the harvest date and make sure the oil was harvested within the last year. 

We only feature extra virgin olive oils and only of the highest quality. We work with some of the world's best producers and we have extremely strict quality standards.

Yes. However, there is a brief period (November to March) that new harvest and last harvest olive oils co-exist because that is the period new harvest olive oils begin to arrive. 
Note that Fall 2018 is "New Harvest" throughout 2019.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that "First Cold Pressed" is generally a purely commercial wording with no factual meaning.
95% of all oils, including most of the world’s best oils, are produced by Continuous Cold Cycle. The olive paste that results from crushing the olives is always pressed or put through the decanter only one time with the temperature remaining below 27 degrees Celcius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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