We are a specialists co-op
in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Private Label"

Conventional and Ecological EVOO

We carefully produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil with
the highest quality standards.

According to the IOC, olive oil consumption also increased by 9 % in the 2017/2018 harvest season, reaching 2,958,000 tons.

With the highest quality standards

We pack only on request and with nitrogen, thus maintaining the maximum quantity of EVOO qualities until consumption.

Our commitment to quality is backed by the main food certifications.

Our mill and machinery are state of the art.

Buy your extra virgin olive oil directly from our farmers and choose your packaging.
You can supply your label or we can create a label for you.

Outsource your production

Do you want to launch your own brand of EVOO?

If you want to launch your own brand to the Market and want to outsource your production, we offer you the possibility of PRIVATE LABEL.

We are prepared to work with the Large Retail Sector, a Distributor or HORECA sector.

We can develop the product and the format under the specifications you need.


Are you a recognized brand and want to outsource your production?

We take care of making it happen
We always work so that the end customer is satisfied in every way, and your company only has to focus on marketing.

As producers and packers, we want to be your ideal partner.

Container formats available
PET, Glass, Tin Can and
Bag In Box.

Olive oil in Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle

100 ml
250 ml
500 ml
750 ml
1 liter

Olive oil in Tin Can

Tin Can

250 ml
500 ml
1 liter
2 liters
5 liters
10 liters
15 liters

Olive oil in PET packaging


1 liter
2 liters
3 liters
5 liters

Olive oil in bag in box packaging

Bag in Box

3 liters
5 liters
10 liters
20 liters

Olive oil in pouch tab packaging

Pouch Tab

1 liter
2 liters
3 liters

Olive oil in flexi tank packaging


18.000 liter
24.000 liter
- Top load & unload
- Bottom load & unload
- Top Load & Bottom             unload

Take advantage of a unique market opportunity. The international Olive Council indicates 30.6% decrease in production, increase of consumption and imports for the 2018/2019 harvest season.

We convert your EVOO Private Label into a recognized brand in the market.

Web design, packaging, labeling, social networks.

Product - labels - website / online store - high quality images of your product - search engine marketing.

Turnkey product. Your EVOO ready to go to the market with maximum guarantees.

In a market as competitive and demanding as the current one, it is vital to launch your product with the best guarantees of success.

Launching a product to the market is not an easy task. We know this because we have done it on many occasions ourselves.

We know first hand what you need to do to position your product and help you make it a sales success.

That is why we put at your disposal the design and marketing services with which we ourselves work.

From the creation of your website to the design of high quality premium images of your containers and bottles so you can use them in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Leave everything in our hands.
Let's do something big with your brand

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